Auto Keeper

Auto Keeper is a one-stop shop for short-term car storage and long-term car storage in San Juan, PR.  With a variety of storage plans that include maintenance packages, we have a service to fit most every vehicle storage need.  

  • Short-term storage: We offer short-term storage packages with maintenance add-on services available. Contact us for rates.
  • Long-term storage: Maybe you’ve been holding off on purchasing that collectable car you’ve always dreamed of owning because you have nowhere to store it.  Don’t let storage be a concern any longer.  Our climate controlled facility, service packages and competitive rates are just what you need.  Contact us for your custom quote.

Included Services:

  • Dust: Your car will stay covered and therefore protected from dirt and dust.
  • Air Tires/Pressure check: We will check your tires for proper air pressure.
  • Check lights: With our regular light check-ups, you will never take your car for a drive or to a show and discover that a light is out.

Add-on Maintenance Services:

  • Quick Pick Up Check: This service is one of our most popular deals.  It includes check-up and maintenance on fluids, dust, fuel, tires, and clean windows..
  • Fluids Checked: We’ll help you keep everything under the hood up-to-date with services like our “fluids check.”
  • Battery Check and Charge: There’s nothing worse than getting in your car and realizing the battery is dead.  We will check your battery and charge it if needed. We can also put on a long term trickler charger.
  • Start and Run: Will keep your motor running with our “start and run” service.
  • Fill Up: Keep your fuel fresh and your engine happy. We will fill up your vehicle for you.
  • Take for Service: We will take your car in for service to your preferred service provider. 
  • Wash and Wax: There’s no need to worry about keeping your vehicle looking its best.  We offer a hand wash and wax service as well as a basic interior cleaning and a full wash and wax.
  • Custom Detailing: This service includes custom detail of truck, engine clean-up, wash, wax, door panels, dashboards, seats, and polish chrome. 

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